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Imagebuilder 0.2.1

Der Imagebuilder in Version 0.2.1 ist fertig und es gab wieder eine Menge Verbesserungen. Aus dem Changelog:

  • Don't make a backup (config-orig) of the config directory before running the meshwizard
  • Remove fff2kamikaze (too many changes in luci and fff to follow and its not widely used)
  • Switch to haserl for convienience and security reasons
  • Allow upload of user submitted tar.gz archives which will be copied into the root of the generated image
  • Make the imagebuilder more configurable, e.g. allow to select which modules should be used (Configuration, upload etc.)
  • Remove the "Confirm values" step, show values on the GENERATE-Page instead
  • Add tabs to do basic config for LAN and WAN interface
  • Use flock for the make process to not run into problems when to people build for the same target (thx jow)
  • Use accordion style display for the package list and add possibility to add packages by mouseclick
  • Show a list which packages are installed by default on the package tab, use js to generate it
  • Fix copying of files which failed sometimes
  • functions are now used to create the formfields for convienience reasons
  • Use ajax to fetch the package list, this saves a lot of time when loading the form

Ausserdem wurden die Buildroots auf das kürzlich veröffentlichte OpenWrt Backfire 10.03.1-rc6 (r28680) upgedated. Luci wird in der Version 0.10 (r7869) verwendet.

Erreichbar ist der Imagebuilder unter der gewohnten URL:

Hilfe findet man hier:



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